Orpheus Room Progressive

Win your share in over 30,000 worth of Vantage Dollars – exclusive to The Orpheus Room only

An exclusive promotion for President and Chairman Vantage Rewards members only.


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October, 2019

Mondays: Draws hourly 5.15pm – 9.15pm – MUST WIN DRAW AT 9.15pm

Tuesdays: Draws hourly 5.15pm – 9.15pm – MUST WIN DRAW AT 9.15pm

Wednesdays: Draws hourly 5.15pm – 8.15pm – MUST WIN DRAW AT 8.15pm

Draws jackpot at 500 Vantage Dollars hourly if not won. If not present, the winner will be awarded 100 Vantage Dollars as a consolation prize.

How to enter:

  1. For the Hourly Jackpot Draws, any eligible member who has had their membership card registered for play on any gaming machine, fully automated table game or on table games in the previous 3 months, will be considered as an Eligible Entrant for this draw.
  2. Eligible Entrants must be present to win the hourly prizes. If not present, they will be awarded [100 Vantage Dollars] as a consolation prize.
  3. Valid Vantage Rewards Membership (who have registered play in the previous 3 months of the draw) qualify in the Orpheus Room Progressive. Only one entry per person. The exception is for the MUST WIN Orpheus Room Progressive draw at 9.15pm on a Monday and Tuesday and 8:15pm on a Wednesday where the qualification period will be for Vantage Rewards Members who have registered play in the previous 12 hours with one entry per member each until 15 minutes prior to the draw on the Draw Day “Entry Period”. Entries will only qualify for prize draws conducted on that respective day.


Must be present to win. Terms, conditions and entry criteria apply – visit the Cashier to view more information. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY