Exclusive Roulette Shootout tournament

Selected members can win up to $14,000 cash in our exclusive Roulette Shootout tournament

The Orpheus Room

Round 1: Monday 7 June from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Round 2: Monday 14 June from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Round 3: Monday 21 June from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Round 4: Monday 28 June from 6.30pm – 9.30pm


  • This Roulette Promotion (“the Promotion”) consists of four Heats played over four weeks. Heats may consist of multiple sessions and will begin at 18:30 and conclude at 21:30 or when the final spin for the session for that Heat or Playoff for the Heat is completed by all eligible players who are present at that Heat. Each Session will consist of 5 spins. Players may only enter once for each Heat.
  • The prize for each Heat will be allocated based on the player’s chip count at the end of their Session.
  • The prize for the overall promotion is based on the player’s cumulative chip count from each Heat they participated in.



1st - $1,200 cash

2nd - $600 cash

3rd - $200 cash


Overall leader board

1st - $3,600 cash

2nd - $1,800 cash

3rd - $600 cash



  • Players register in person (no proxies allowed for this event). The Promotion Director will collate entries and make available the list of players and their playing order at the commencement of the Heat.  Eligible players may register with the Promotion Director in person after the commencement of the Heat if they have not already played in that day’s Heat.  Players not present when called by the Promotion Director to play will be reassigned a starting position by the Promotion Director.  Any registered eligible player not present at the conclusion of the Heat forfeits their play for that Heat and no adjustment will be made to their Overall Promotion Leader Board tally.


  • No buy in is required at the table. Prior to the commencement of each session, the player will be allocated $5,000 (200 x $25) in Non-Value Chips at the table.  Tournament chips will also be used in place of cash chips.  Non-Value and Tournament Chips must remain on the Promotion Table and in view of all seated players, the dealer and Promotion Director at all times.  All Chips remain the property of The Ville Casino.  At the conclusion of each player’s session the total chip count will be confirmed by the Dealer and Promotion Director, then added to the player’s Heat Leader Board and Overall Promotion Leader Board tallies by the Promotion Director.


  1. Terms and conditions apply - visit the Cashier to view terms and conditions. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.