The Ville Resort-Casino is located in tropical North Queensland, in close proximity to some of the world’s most pristine coastlines, ancient rainforests and the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. We are lucky to be surrounded by such beauty – there are many parts of the world where natural wonders such as these have been lost or greatly diminished.

With the October 2014 purchase of the iconic property by Colonial Leisure Group (CLG), a new opportunity to assess the venues’ environmental impacts has arisen. Colonial Leisure Group is a premium operator in the Australian hospitality industry and places importance on having sustainable business practises and striving to reduce the environmental impacts of operating their pubs, hotels, restaurants and resorts, especially in the kitchen.

A large component of CLG’s business relates to food – a key area in which hospitality groups can make a difference – from reducing food waste to reducing food miles. CLG aims to support Aussie agriculture and a fair and sustainable food system through local and ethical supply chains wherever possible.

Stay tuned for updates on progress in this area.