Terms & Conditions

A little bit more detail and all the fine print about your Vantage Rewards Membership.

Vantage Rewards Benefits

1. Tier credits and Vantage Points are accumulated when playing on eligible electronic gaming machines and table games. Excludes Texas Hold’Em. Vantage Points can be earned on cash, credit or debit card spend only at The Ville food and beverage outlets plus spend for hotel stays. Does not apply to complimentary room nights or special group bookings. Vantage Dollar accrual rates are based on tier levels when playing on eligible electronic gaming machines and table games. Excludes Texas Hold’Em.
2. Vantage Dollars can be redeemed for accommodation, food and beverages, or currency on compatible electronic gaming machines. Vantage Dollars cannot be redeemed in conjunction with events, banquets or special group bookings.
3. Access to Orpheus Room is restricted based on tier level.
4. Access to Magnetic Room is restricted based on tier level.
5. Complimentary meals will be restricted based on tier level and outlet.
6. Discount available on food for one Vantage Rewards member accompanied by one guest only when paying by cash, Vantage Dollars, credit or debit card. Discount may not be available in conjunction with certain offers and promotions. The Vantage Rewards cardholder must dine to receive discount.
7. Complimentary tea and coffee from the coffee machine on the main gaming floor.
8. Complimentary valet parking and self parking will be restricted based on tier level and outlet. Subject to the terms and conditions of valet parking and self-parking. See Valet Office for details.
9. Taxi reimbursement is restricted based on tier level. Taxi receipt from destination to Ville must be presented to Cashier staff. Vantage Dollars will be loaded onto account based on tier level. One taxi reimbursement per day, per member. Subject to availability, change and cancellation.
10. Subject to availability, change and cancellation. Complimentary room nights must be booked and used within the current tier review period and by the qualifying Vantage Rewards member.
11. Discount available when paying by cash, Vantage Dollars, credit or debit card. Discounts do not apply on third party offers or packages and may not be available in conjunction with certain offers and promotions. The Vantage Rewards cardholder must stay to receive discount and book direct with Hotel Reservations. Discount does not apply to In Room Dining or Minibar purchases.
12. Subject to availability, change and cancellation. See your VIP Services Executive for further information.
13. Access to hotel gymnasium is restricted based on tier level. See Hotel Reception for access.
14. Complimentary access to the hotel pool based on availability, change and cancellation. See your VIP Services Executive for further information.
15. Complimentary premium Wi-Fi will be restricted based on tier level and outlet. See the Cashier Desk for further information.
Subject to availability, change and cancellation.
16. Discount applies to room hire only when booking a private function in one of our function rooms. See our Events Team for further information. The Ville practices the responsible service of alcohol. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

Vantage Rewards Terms & Conditions

1. Vantage Rewards is offered by Breakwater Island Limited trading as The Ville Resort-Casino (“The Ville”, “we”, “us”).
2. Joining Vantage Rewards is free.
3. To apply, complete an application form and provide required ID. Limit of one membership per person. Only eligible persons may join. The Ville employees are not eligible.
4. Membership and levels of membership (“tiers”) are granted at the discretion of The Ville. Members may qualify for tiers based on number of Tier Credits earned. Members’ tiers are reviewed periodically by us and may be adjusted on prior notice to you.
5. Membership does not give you right of entry to all or any part of the The Ville complex. Vantage Rewards Terms
6. Vantage Rewards terms (“Terms”) – these terms, Vantage Rewards brochures and promotional material including on the Vantage Rewards and The Ville websites, premises terms of entry and codes of conduct as issued by The Ville from time to time. The latest version of the Terms & Conditions are available at The Ville and Vantage Rewards websites (“our websites”). In the event of any inconsistency, the latest version of the Vantage Rewards membership terms and conditions prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.
7. The Terms (including benefits, Vantage Points, Tier Credits, cards and tiers) may be changed at any time by The Ville without notice. Cards, Tiers and Benefits
8. Membership cards always remain our property and must be returned upon our request.
9. A membership card is issued for your personal use only. You must not lend or share your card at any time, for any reason. Doing so may result in the cancellation of membership of all parties involved.
10. You will be required to present valid ID and/or use a personal identification number (PIN) with your membership card to complete some transactions.
11. You are responsible for keeping your membership card and PIN/s secure as the use of Vantage Dollars and benefits is, at all times, your responsibility including where there is misuse of your card or if your card is lost or stolen.
12. You must promptly notify us of changes in your details, of any lost, stolen or malfunctioning membership card or any unauthorised use of the card.
13. We may adjust your Tier Credits, benefits or tier or we may cancel your membership if you misuse your card, Vantage Points, benefits or casino facilities or allow or enable someone else to do so. We may adjust your Tier Credits and benefits if they incorrectly accrue in your favour.
14. You are responsible for your Tier Credits and benefits, including observing any expiry periods and any taxation consequences.
15. Any accumulated Vantage Dollars will expire, 90 days after they are accrued. b) Your membership may be cancelled at any time and all Vantage Dollars and benefits forfeited from the date of cancellation.
16. In addition, The Ville may delete Tier Credits, which you accrue each 180 days or each time there is a tier level change to your account.
17. Despite our best efforts, we may sometimes experience technical malfunctions and errors outside of our control. If we do, we will not be liable for the consequences to your membership and may adjust incorrectly accrued Vantage Points, benefits and Tier Credits.
18. Vantage Rewards membership, cards, and any other benefits and privileges are not transferable and will lapse on a member’s death or notification of bankruptcy or barring from The Ville.

Ending Membership and Vantage Rewards Program
19. You do not need to be a Vantage Rewards member to use the facilities at The Ville. You may end your membership at any time at no charge, including if you do not agree to any changes made to the Vantage Rewards program, including its terms and benefits. We ask that you return your membership card to The Ville when ending your membership. Upon ending your membership, Vantage Points and benefits are forfeited.
20. The Ville may end your membership, or limit your participation in any or all benefits (including cancelling Vantage Points and Tier Credits):
a) immediately if:
1. You commit a material breach of the Vantage Rewards Terms or any other terms for the services (including casino game rules) of The Ville.
2. You have had a cheque payable to The Ville returned by your financial institution.
3. You are no longer permitted to enter any part of any of the The Ville property, including if you have been asked to leave or refused entry to any part of The Ville,The Ville withdraws your licence or denies you a licence to enter or remain in or on any part of The Ville.
4. You have been excluded from The Ville (in whole or part).
5. You are dishonest or offensive or you bring (or through your conduct are likely to bring) The Ville or the Vantage Rewards program into ridicule or disrepute as considered by The Ville acting reasonably.
6. We are required to do so in order to act legally or in accordance with the requirements of a Government authority, b) otherwise on reasonable notice and acting reasonably.
21. If this is done, your Vantage Points and accrued benefits will be available for use during any notice period, but will be forfeited from the date your membership ends.
22. If The Ville ends or limits your participation in any or all benefits there is no requirement for us to provide reasons, written or otherwise, for that decision or any opportunity to be heard in relation to that decision.
23. The Ville may also suspend or terminate the Vantage Rewards program by providing reasonable prior notice to members (except where we are required to do so in order to act legally or in accordance with the requirements of a Government authority, when notice will not be required). If Vantage Rewards ceases to operate and is not replaced by another loyalty program, members can continue to redeem their accumulated benefits prior to the program ending where possible. After that time, all memberships are cancelled and all Vantage Points and benefits forfeited.
24. Information about you, including information provided on this form and about your membership will be held by The Ville. This information is collected by us for the purposes of operating Vantage Rewards and promoting our products, services, promotions and events. We may use and deal with your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at The Ville or on our websites.
25. For information on how to gain access to your personal information, how we use your personal information or other privacy matters, please see our Privacy Policy.
26. The Ville has legal obligations to provide information to some third parties such as government gaming regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as obligations to collect personal information under laws such as antimoney laundering and counter terrorism financing legislation.


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