Responsible Services

Responsible service of alcohol

The Ville Resort-Casino is fully committed to providing its customers with a safe and secure entertainment environment, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The responsible service of alcohol to customers is an integral part of this commitment.

Policies regarding the service of alcohol

  • The Ville reserves the right to refuse entry to people who are disorderly or are displaying signs of undue intoxication.
  • The supply of alcohol is not permitted to underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated customers.
  • Underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated customers are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst on the property.
  • Entertainment programs encourage customers to have a good time, without overindulging in alcohol.

No more, it’s the law

Under the current Queensland Liquor Act, liquor may not be consumed, sold or supplied (given or passed on) to an underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated person.

Breaches of the Liquor Act may result in fines including:

  • Customer who is underage or disorderly; up to $1,875

Responsible gambling

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