Harm Minimisation Strategy

Our commitment

The Ville Resort – Casino is committed to best practice in providing safe gambling, with the aim of minimising the potential harm to individuals in the community through safer Gambling Practices and the implementation of the Harm Minimisation Strategy.

We take a community minded approach to the conduct of our business and are committed to providing a safe, secure and responsible environment. Our approach to safer gambling forms an integral part of this commitment. As a Queensland gambling provider, The Ville Resort - Casino operates in compliance with the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.

Safer gambling

For most people, gambling is an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity. Casinos are perceived by many as good value and a fun experience, providing a diverse range of leisure and entertainment options, including gambling.

For some people, gambling can inflict gambling related harm. Some risk indicators of gambling related harm may include:

  • Having a difficult time managing their gambling behaviour within their limits
  • Having tried unsuccessfully to stop gambling
  • Gambling with household and other essential funds
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Gambling more money than they can afford
  • Having lost an important relationship due to gambling
  • Having lied to others to hide their gambling
  • Having lost a job due to gambling

Gambling related harm exists when gambling activity results in a range of adverse consequences where:

  • The safety and wellbeing of gambling customers, or their families and friends, is placed at risk; and /or
  • Negative impacts extend to the broader community

Getting help

The following service is available to people who feel they may need assistance in controlling their gambling behaviour. All communication is private and confidential.

The Gambling Help Line is an independently run, free, confidential service (available 24 hours a day) which offers support for individuals who are adversely affected by either their own or somebody else’s gambling behaviour. Call on 1800 858 858 or visit their website.

Centacare is a social services organisation that provides free and confidential counselling services. For Townsville and North West Queensland you can phone 1300 NQCARE (1300 672 273) or visit their website.

Find out more about Safer Gambling at The Ville.

Harm Minimisation Strategy

The Ville Resort – Casino is committed to best practice in providing safe gambling, with the aim of minimising the potential harm to individuals in the community through Safer Gambling Practices and the implementation of the Harm Minimisation Strategy.

Find out more about the Harm Minimisation Strategy at The Ville.


The Ville Casino provides the option for players to exclude (ban) themselves from our casino facility. We aim to do this by providing an environment that ensures the matter is dealt with sensitively, confidentially and in a timely manner. There are two types of exclusions available for individuals who may be experiencing difficulties with their gambling behaviour:

  • Self-exclusion (Self-Ban) is when you approach the casino and ask to be excluded. Information will be provided upon request and your exclusion will be processed as soon as practicable – generally immediately.
  • Venue initiated exclusion is when our casino management bans you from the gambling facilities at The Ville Casino. This may occur when the casino believes, on reasonable grounds, that you are unable to control your gambling activity.

What happens once my exclusion order is processed?

Exclusions will take effect immediately and remain in force for a period of five years. A request to revoke your exclusion may only be submitted after a minimum period of one year has passed from the commencement of your exclusion. Further information is available from the Casino’s Compliance department, Harm Minimisation Officer or Customer Liaison Officer (CLO).

Alternatively, if an individual prefers not to visit the casino in person for self-exclusion, they have the choice of initiating the self-exclusion procedure at a designated Gambling Help Service Centre.

Excluded persons are prohibited from entering or remaining in The Ville Casino, including participating in Keno gaming and approved wagering.

Consequences of breaching an exclusion include prosecution in a court and potential penalties including fines. Once a person is excluded, any membership of the Vantage Rewards program is suspended with associated benefits no longer available to the excluded person and the person is removed from all mailing lists used for marketing purposes by the casino.

Odds of winning

Gambling should not be seen as a means of financial betterment. All casinos maintain a favourable percentage in all gambling products offered. To assist customers in making informed decisions regarding their gaming choices, we provide information on how to play all games available in our casinos. Ask for a copy of our How to Play brochures. The odds of winning are incorporated in all of our Gaming Guides.

Customer complaints resolution

The Ville Casino has in place a comprehensive complaints resolution process for gambling and safer gambling related matters. All complaints are referred through this process for resolution by the appropriate level of management. In the event a complaint cannot be resolved by this process, customers have the opportunity to refer their complaint to the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR).

Minors are prohibited

It is an offence by law for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years to participate in gambling activities. The Ville Casino prohibits persons less than 18 years of age from entering and remaining in any gambling area. The Ville Casino also prohibits persons from leaving their children unattended in any area. Persons found doing so may be excluded from the casino and reported to the appropriate Government Authority.

In addition we also enforce through our Child Protection Policy all persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to visit the property, other than exempt minors as defined under the Liquor Act 1992 (Qld) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Responsible service of alcohol

Non-alcoholic beverages, including tea and coffee, are available to customers. As part of our commitment to safer gambling, persons who are unduly intoxicated are not permitted to continue to gamble. Our casino advocates the responsible service of alcohol with staff. Training regarding individual and company responsibilities, in relation to gambling and the service of alcohol, is provided to relevant staff members.

Passage of time

As part of our commitment to safer gambling practices we have taken measures to ensure customers are aware of the passage of time whilst they are gambling. Our gaming machines display a scrolled real-time message that provides accurate information on the current time. Intensive, repetitive and extended play is not encouraged. A large digital clock is displayed on the Casino main gaming floor.

Financial transactions

The Ville Casino has numerous financial policies and procedures in place to assist customers in maintaining safer gambling practices. These include:

  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are not provided within gambling areas.
  • The lending of money or credit betting is prohibited.
  • The cashing of cheques is not permitted other than by prior arrangement.
  • Cheques issued by the casino for winnings cannot be cashed at the casino within 24 hours of issuance.

Advertising and promotions

The Ville Casino adheres to the Queensland Responsible Gambling Advertising and Promotions guideline. This guideline covers gambling related communication activities including advertising in the media, sponsorship, point of sale material, leaflets, displays, internal and external signage, the internet, subscriber products and other materials designed for public communication.

The guideline is used in conjunction with all regulatory requirements for the conduct of gambling in Queensland.

Customer liaison officer

A trained customer liaison officer from our casino can provide appropriate information and assist customers experiencing gambling related harm or help them access referrals to local gambling support services.

For further information or to discuss the options for limiting your gaming activity or to find out more information about self-exclusion, customers may call and ask to speak with the Harm Minimisation Officer or Casino Customer Liaison Officer on +61 7 4722 2333.